Dear Ladies/Sirs,

welcome to my website devoted primarily to my pedagogic and publication activities.

Seven years have lapsed since the moment I decided to return to the academic life first of all as an active lecturer who dealt with current topics of political and corporate economy nature.

The way I outlined for myself in 2010 consisted of maximum possible extent of lecturing efforts at conferences and seminars, publication activities in specialised and reviewed journals as well as standard work at universities in the capacity of associated/assistant professor. Currently I work as an academician at several Czech and foreign universities - see the section on my publication and activities and lecture at various conferences.

My primary objective for the forthcoming period is the successful completion of my associated professor degree (DSc.) programme at the Moscow State Technological University (STANKIN).

My secondary objective is gradual meeting of criteria for being granted the professor degree in future.

From the point of view of my professional focus, I have been working since several years on the development of a country external and internal security platform covering countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

Dears Ladies/Sirs,

I believe and hope you will like my web site and I will be looking forward to your possible opinion, ideas, polemics and suggestions.


Filip Bušina

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